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Our entire line of habañero-based sauces and condiments are meant to please all spice lovers; from the entry level players to the (self-proclaimed) spice connoisseurs.

Pepper Daddy prides itself in making ALL NATURAL sauces with no additives or fillers… check our labels to see for yourself. Using only the best of habanero peppers sourced in Central America, and the freshest of veggies, Pepper Daddy delivers a quality kick to those taste buds of yours.

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“lay on that heat” wings

These delicious wings will have you saying “whose your daddy”!?

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hot & spicy pizza

Yeah, we put hot sauce on our pizza too! If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out man!

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the best damn tacos & guac

Becuase Who doesn’t love tacos and guacamole?!

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so Freaking delicious!

I love most hot sauces but this by far is my favorite The flavors are sooooo good and it’s not too hot to where you can’t taste anything, it’s perfect! Do yourself a flavorful favor and get yourself a bottle of Pepper Daddy!

- Mike G. Queens, NY